Book Club Society Children’s Book Drive- Dobsonville


BCS Children’s book drive in Soweto Dobsonville.

Children must be made aware of the fun existence of “the world of books”.There is a book for everyone.We spoke about books and the importance of reading..We donated books to kids attending the event.Even some adults got books of their interest.A reading nation is a problem solving nation.

Thanks to Prezidential Rapza and the Big bad sound Eeka.

Lets continue to feed the minds of our kids through books. Its  the best seed one can plant to reap great rewards.


3 thoughts on “Book Club Society Children’s Book Drive- Dobsonville

  1. saffo says:

    As a community we found there is a huge gap in literature.We are in process towards building libraries in townships as there is a lot of talent neglected.We wil have more projects in schools helping kids with their curriculum in schools,helping also with homeworks on Saturdays.Dobsonville extension 3 has a community hall which we will be using for story reading,writing workshops and publishing.We need to groom new authors with unique stories to tell.
    Lets us be the change we want to see.

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