Stay Woke.

I’m sharing this excellent post from Longreads Blog because I feel it’s important for those trying to understand the events of last week. Whether you are new to the social issues of the Black Lives Matter movement or are well versed in what they are fighting for, I believe these articles can be a valuable resource […]

via Black Lives Matter: A Reading List — Laurel & Books


One thought on “Stay Woke.

  1. saffo says:

    USA has to solve this terror of innocent unarmed people getting shot like target practice.When will we all rise to a higher consciousness where a persons life is not so cheap,valued by gold and oils.When will we realise that we are all gods made in the image of the universe.Rise up help each other advance.Racial prejudice is a sign of fear and misunderstanding.To me a racist shows a very low IQ,black or white.Colour complex is propaganda,we are all human beings with dreams and goals.Lets treat each other as we would like to be treated….BCS is a solution based movement


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