Meet the Book Club Society Team: Thoko (Teekay) Mulunjwana


Meet Teekay Mulunjwana

Teekay is a qualified level 4 teacher currently working at Redhill School. She is a proud mother of two girls. Teekay has a passion for writing, sports and wellness, a creative individual that would love to see the Book Club grow into a bigger and diverse organization. Her passion for working with kids, grooming them to become fierce leaders will come useful in this organization. She believes in planting a seed of knowledge at a very young age. She joined Book Club Society with the intention to eventually build libraries throughout South Africa. She hopes to one day open her own chain of schools.


4 thoughts on “Meet the Book Club Society Team: Thoko (Teekay) Mulunjwana

  1. saffo says:

    Awee Tee.Our very own Admin and Bookkeeper.Educational organizer and childrens programes driver….We making moves.Thank for your remarkable work you have done for BCS so far.As a founder i am proud to see how we share a common vision in nation problem solutions.BCS is the future because of such dedication that you are showing. God Speed!!!!

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  2. Tone Mk says:

    I love what you guys are doing
    Finally a gap is being field in
    Children deserve to be part of a developing society that are skilled in reading and writing and I believe that if we all chip in this will be one step ahead of being a better further for all young and old

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