Meet the Book Club Society Team: Tshepo Suffocate Masuku


Meet Tshepo Suffocate Masuku

Tshepo Masuku is the co founder and project manager of Book Club Society. With over 8 years in the book industry, it was absolutely obvious that he would gravitate towards books in some way or the other. With skills ranging from book buying and heading up the children’s section of a prominent bookstore, his knowledge of the industry and his passion for seeing literature grow as a culture especially for the black man, woman and child. He has in the past started initiatives in the township which looked at growing the child both mentally, spiritually and physically, initiatives that kept the black child off the street and on a mission of empowerment. He is a man with a vision and through the Book-club Society he has started conversations about books that end up with solutions to the issues the books pose. He intends to build a legacy through mobile libraries countrywide, helping schoolchildren with their homework and also growing writers from the Book-club Society itself.


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