The Pavement Bookworm: Your past does not determine your future indeed.


Philani kndownload (5)ows the power books have to change society and wants to share the gift with as many underprivileged children as possible through his story. It is a story that has the power to motivate and inspire and Philani needs your help in purchasing copies of his book to give away to literacy charities or charities as you see fit.

Twenty four year old Philani Dladla is one of the most inspirational young South Africans you’re likely to meet. An avid reader with an insatiable desire for knowledge, Philani has used his love for books to overcome drug addiction and change his lot in life – while trying to do the same for others.

Dubbed ‘The Pavement Bookworm’, Philani’s story has gained international attention – which he hopes to channel into real support for his literacy project and Book Reader’s Club for underprivileged children in Johannesburg.(via )

That is why as Book Club Society we collect books to donate to underprivileged people and organizations. You will never know whose life you are changing.

There is a saying that goes “What you do for yourself remains with you but what you do for the world remains”

Check out the website and see how you can be involved.

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2 thoughts on “The Pavement Bookworm: Your past does not determine your future indeed.

  1. saffo says:

    education is the key but its still not free…please help us donate 67 books to Pumlanis Pavement Bookworms foundation this Sunday 17th July for Mandela Day.We meet @ Joubert park next to MTN rank 10am sharp…Lets be the game changers


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