Mandela Day- By Zamalek Gizeriah Mbele

IMG-20160718-WA0003.jpgThere is a quest for greatness that has to do with a random act of kindness yet it is misrepresented by power-monger and sadistic attitude of survival of the fittest(God for us, man for himself)… This selfless act has misinterpreted the random act of kindness with its ambitions to dictate humanity and collective survival of mankind… We as BCS saw an opportunity to tackle this malicious act of selflessness to give our own time for the random act of kindness by making 67 minutes of philanthropic service for Mandela Day as a cardinal pillar to remind humanity about collective survival and not to seize to care for others regardless of their religion, race, sex, class, tribe,etc… As we are eager to change the world we were reminded of the old BCS Proverb ” In order to change the universe, first start with the little random act of humanity” this essential motivational proverb should be emulated in order we become the change we want to be nor betray our generation… In this knowledge and wisdom we got from wise and great sages and leaders we then acknowledge that been great its not about power nor control but a random act of kindness, we as human are victim of our addiction then we should use our addiction to kindness as a device of change… These are words of great scholar of Zen Lao Tzu “Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love” in this been said we should let this random act of kindness be our van-guide to a loving and caring nation…

“Do not look the other way, do not hesitate… Recognize that the world is hungry for action not words… Act with courage and vision…” -By Honorable R.N Mandela-
Thank you to all that participated in our Act of Random Kindness. It was an experience we all will remember and a reminder that there are people out there that are not only hungry in their tummies but mind, body and spirit.

We where faced with youths that are heavily into drugs, live on the streets and some are dying for help. We as BCS will be going back to try help where possible. The world is full of ideas but a few people willing to take action. We need to heal and help each other.


5 thoughts on “Mandela Day- By Zamalek Gizeriah Mbele

  1. Giza. Zamalek says:

    We all owe to ourselves either we betray our revolution nor fulfill it… Grateful for collective effort, God is love. .


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