Meet the Book Club Society Team: Meme Mpuru



Meet Meme Mpuru

Meme Mpuru is a woman of many talents. Unable to finish her film degree, she went into the book industry at a very young age. She ended up as the youngest black female manager and one of her highlights was opening the first bookstore in Soweto. Although the business only lasted 2 years, it highlighted the plight for reading to be introduced as a culture in the township. She is also a writer who has written theater plays and also was a trainee writer for a local television comedy. She has worked in Marketing for Khanya College who believe in education for liberation and also received a certificate of leadership from the Gordon Institute of Business. She believes that through books, people can travel without ever going anywhere.


One thought on “Meet the Book Club Society Team: Meme Mpuru

  1. saffo says:

    one of the smartest people ive come across in my life.The strong woman figure,unafraid of challenge.She is one of the most avid readers.Im so lucky to have someone like you on my team.

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