The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life-Drunvalo Melchizedek


“Part of my purpose in presenting this work is to assist people to be aware of certain events that have happened on this planet or are presently happening or are about to happen, events that are radically affecting our consciousness and the way we’re living today. By understanding our present situation, we can open to the possibility of a new consciousness, a new humanity emerging on Earth. In addition, perhaps, my dearest purpose is to inspire you to remember who you really are and give you the courage to bring your gift to this world. For God has given each one of us a unique talent which, when truly lived, changes the physical world into a world of pure light.I’ll also be giving mathematical and scientific evidence to show how we got here, as spiritual beings in a physical world, in
order to convince the left-brain analytical part of us that there is only one consciousness and one God, and that we are all part of that Oneness. This is important, for it brings both sides of the brain into balance. This balance opens the pineal gland and allows the prana, the life-force energy, to enter the innermost part of our physical being. Then and only then is the body of light called the Mer-Ka-Ba possible. However, please understand that the evidence I originally learned this information from is in itself not important. The
information could in most cases be completely changed to different information without affecting the outcome. In addition, I made many mistakes because I am now human. What is most interesting to me is that every time I made a mistake, it led into
a deeper understanding of the Reality and a higher truth. So I say to you, if you find an error, look deeper.If you get hung up on the information by overestimating its value, you will totally miss the point of the work. What I have just said is paramount to
understanding this work.I’ll also be giving my personal experiences, many of which are, I admit, outrageous by the ordinary world’s standards.Perhaps they are not so outrageous by the old world’s standards, but it is you who must decide if they are true or are just stories— or if it even matters. Listen deeply with your heart, for your heart always knows the truth. Then I intend to share with you, as much as I can in the second volume, a specific breathing technique that will help you return to the vastly higher state of
consciousness from which we all came. It is the remembrance of the breath connected to the lightbody of the Mer-Ka-Ba. This is one of the primary purposes of this work.
At this point a short story of how this book came about is in order. You will read about the angels, so I will not begin there,but rather with the later events. In 1985 the angels asked me to begin teaching the meditation of the Mer-Ka-Ba. I first learned it in 1971 and had been practicing it ever since, but I did not want to become a teacher. My life was easy and fulfilled. Basically,I was comfortable and didn’t want to work so hard. The angels said that when someone is given spiritual knowledge, they must share it. They said it was a law of creation.Knowing they were right, I opened my first class to the public in the spring of 1985. By 1991 my workshops were filled and overflowing, with hundreds of people on the waiting list. I didn’t know how to reach everyone who wanted this information. In
fact, I could not. So in 1992 I made a decision to release a video of one of my workshops and let it go out to the world.Within less than a year it was exploding in sales, but there was one big problem. Most of the people who were watching the videos could not really understand what was presented because it was outside the context and content of their spiritual understanding.I gave a lecture to ninety people in Washington State, all of whom had seen the video tapes but had never been to one of my live workshops. It was there that I realized that only about 15 percent of the people actually knew how to live the
meditation by using only the instructions on the video tapes. It was not working. Eighty-five percent were confused and unclear about the instructions.Immediately I took the video tapes off the market. This, however, did not stop the video from continuing to be sold. People wanted the information, so they began to copy the existing tapes and give, sell or lease them to people worldwide. By 1993, it has been estimated that there were approximately 100,000 sets of these tapes in the world.A decision was made. It was determined that the only way we could be responsible with this information was to have a
trained person in the room when someone watched the video tapes. Trained means that we had carefully instructed a person to know and live the Mer-Ka-Ba. That person could then orally teach another. This is how the Flower of Life facilitator program
was born. There are now over 200 trained facilitators in at least 33 countries. And the system has worked very well.Now things are changing again. People are beginning to understand higher consciousness and its value and concepts. It is now time to release this book to the general public, which is now ready, we feel. A book has the advantage that people can take more time to study the drawings and photos carefully at leisure. And it will also have current updated information such as follows:

Update: The times they are a-changing for sure! According to Dow Jones Company, Inc. in their magazine American Demo’ graphics, February 1997, a ten-year scientific study has revealed that a brand-new culture is emerging in America and the Western world at this moment. Some have called this new culture the New Age, but it has had other names, depending on the country.From our experience, we believe it is a worldwide emerging culture. It is a culture that deeply believes in God,family, children, spirit, Mother Earth and a healthy environment, femininity, honesty, meditation, life on other planets
and the unity of all life everywhere. The members of this new culture believe, according to the study, that they are few and scattered. The survey revealed, however, to everyone’s complete surprise, that “they” are one in every four adults in America — an amazing 44 million adults strong.’ Something huge is happening here. Now that the money
movers are aware of this enormous new market, you bet things will change. Everything from movie and TV content to the use of energy to the foods we eat and much more will be affected. Our very interpretation of the Reality may even eventually change. You are not alone, and it will not take long now for this fact to be apparent to everyone.Ever since the angels first appeared in 1971,1 have been following their guidance. This is still true today. It was the angels who gave me the meditation of the Mer-Ka-Ba, and it is the meditation that is important here, not the information that is presented. The information is used just to bring us to a point of clarity so we can enter into a particular state of consciousness.
Understand that as I received the scientific information in the early years from 1971 to about 1985, I thought it was for my own personal growth. When I would read a scientific paper or magazine, I would discard it, not realizing that in the future I would
have to prove what I was saying. Most of the articles have been located, but not all. Yet this information needs to go out. You,the reader, have strongly requested it. Therefore, wherever I can I will document my statements, but some proofs are lost, at
least for the moment.Also, part of the information is from nonscientific sources such as angels or interdimensional communications. We understandthat “straight science” needs to be separated from a source who is considered psychic. Scientists are concerned about their credibility. As a side note, I would like to comment that this is similar to a male saying to a female that her feelings are not valid and that only logic is true or valid, that logic must be followed. Naturally, she knows another way; it is the way of life itself.It flows. It has no “male logic,” but it is equally true. I believe in both, in balance.If you can conceive of a person using both science and psychic abilities together to explore the Reality, you have come to the right place. Whenever possible I will differentiate between the two types of sources so that you are clear. This means that you must go within yourself to see if this information is true within your world. If something does not feel right, then discard it and go on. If it feels right, then live it and see if it is really true. But it is my understanding that the mind will never really know the Reality until it has joined with the heart. Male and female complete each other.When you read this work you have two choices: You can come from your left brain, your male side, and take notes and carefully see the logic in each step, or you can come from your right brain, your female side, just let go and don’t think — feel, watch it like a movie, expanded, not contracted. Either way will work. It is your choice.
Finally, as I prepared this book, I had to make another decision. Should the final stages of the meditation, the Mer-Ka-Ba itself, be released? I still feel that an oral teacher is best. Would you jump to the final stages ofTi-betan Buddhism after reading one book? What has been decided is that everything will be given here up to the time of the 1993 video, with the precaution that you carefully enter the Mer-Ka-Ba and still seek out a Flower of Life facilitator. That information will be given at the end of the second volume. Much has been learned after and beyond these writings that can only be given orally and experientially.The reason I am giving out the full information is that there are now at least seven other authors who have reprinted thiswork in one form or another. Some have taken it word for word, some have paraphrased me, and some have used my artwork and sacred geometry drawings. Some have asked and some have not. But the end result is that the information is out. Much of it has been distorted and sometimes it is just plain not true. Please know that it is not to protect myself, but to be responsible forthe integrity of the work. This information belongs to the universe, not me. It is only the purity of the information that I am concerned with, and your clear understanding of it.
The exact instructions for the meditation are on the Internet [], but of course not the hidden knowledge.That is experiential. You must live it. There is other information on the Net that states it is coming from me when it is not.
There is also information out about the Flower of Life that is simply wrong or out of date. Hopefully, this work will make clear what has been veiled or distorted. I understand that these people were coming from their hearts, looking for the truth, but it is still my responsibility to you.Therefore, in order to be clear and set the record straight, I am writing this book for all of you who wish to truly understand and know the truth.”

In love and service, Drunvalo Melchizedek


2 thoughts on “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life-Drunvalo Melchizedek

  1. saffo says:

    When we look at wher divination and higher level and vibrations come from.Atlanta was once the pinnacle of civilzation and technology we now know today.Egypt had a pivotal era in evolution of mankind.From apemen supposedly,to flying to other planets and visiting stars.We as humans had always the curiousity to tap in the godly state.To reach answers to wher life comes from and what keeps the earth in balance floating around other planets.Long ago people used to do astro travelling and communicate with other life forms,credo Mutwa touches on the subject.
    As humans beings we are all wired to be able to replicate the entire universe and be one with it,ive once heard that the constellation and stars in the skies match the veins and neurons in our bodies.We even have the whole periodical tables elements in us.
    Now my point to this analogy is to show,nothing is new under the cosmos and as much as the atlanteans knew how to tap in the godly state.The Egyptians did the same and some other tribes like the Dogons and othe Incas etc.The higher the level of conscious the lighter the human soul is.Hence we could transcend into light beings.The atlanteans never died when their land submerged under water,It could have been a way to safeguard certain important information.
    Now that infomation can only be reached through intense meditation and stillness.Looking in ourselevs to reveal the universe that we are.
    Its like tuning in to a radio station.We can tap into a frequency that we get information and intuition of the ancient gods.Its all written in the stars.We and the Atlanteans have the same quest,though they had gotten much closer to full circle understanding and sacred geometry.We have a quest to rise up to back to the level we should be on.We can be able to solve so many problems in our society if we act godly and intentional.
    We are made in the image of god according according the the bible,and a lot of spiritual teachers show us that we have that very potential to create,or destroy.
    We have the chance to listen to our inner voices and conscience.The very frequency we are on now has to be tweeked so that we can receive celestial updates on life matters.The Atlanteans spoke to the Egyptians and helped them advance in all spheres,they never left as thay are ageless timeless light beings.We can also reach that godly state through unlocking.
    Know yourself mankind


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