CAB Book Drive-30 July 2016

After hearing about BCS and the work we do online and after Tim referred a young lady to us by the name of Yolanda.This young ladies main goal was to do a book drive that she called  the CAB project,Collect A Book for a library in a rural school in KZN. An area that is impoverished and lacks in educational programs ans libraries.It is in this school that Yolanda attended as a child that she now wants to give back and make a difference where she can to improve the social conditions of her former school.Yolanda is a professional in the corporate world,yet her heart is embedded in the roots that made to the person she is today.

Although BCS was technically challenged to give in a sufficient capacity yet,what we stand for allowed us to think harder and make it a “mission possible” to get the books to the school.

It was on a team mission and efforts from Mr Banda, Tshepo  and Meme that made this project a success.After selecting age appropriate books for the library of Sondoda School in Ladysmith (KZN),we collected 4 full boxes to this young lady that was championing this CAB drive.

We met in Rosebank midday @ Starbucks.Upon meeting her,her energy reflected her every passion for what her organisation CAB drive stood for.She looked evidently excited and humbled by the donations made.She mentioned how grateful she is and how a difference in someones life we are making.

Here was a young lady on a mission and BCS to make her mission possible.

We stand for a society that becomes the change that it wants to see.

This is just the beginning.

Well done Team 🙂


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