Act of Random Kindness 28th August 2016

Our days started with our monthly ARK event where myself, Mr Banda, Tshepo and Thoko met at Mathlombe lounge to disperse in different parts of the Joburg inner city. The mission today was to hand out pads and clothing to the women that where displaced, in destitute and homeless. Thank you to Ezee for making it possible. We really appreciate your commitment to the Bookclub.

Our movement started in Newtown Park. We handed out our parcels to a lady in the park, she was elated and we were very humbled about the fact that people who have nothing, are usually content with whatever they get, no matter how small, this is a lesson in gratituity. .

Our second stop was at the Methodist church where thinking we would find some women outside. Just one was found, and she told us that they had all dispersed and were now hustling and fending for themselves on the street.

The socialization of the black man by the white man is the very cause the calamities in our communities.

We do not care for each other anymore. It is as if, if it doesn’t benefit the individual, then the individual won’t do it.  Re lahlile botho ba rona(we have forsaken our own people).
Hence a woman can sleep on the street fending for herself from the very men who are meant to protect them
We went to look for our Lesotho woman and her kids but she had recently moved from a nightmare of a building that looked like once you go in, you never come out. We left our contacts, in case they saw her.
Our last stop was near Ellis Park. We spotted a lot of homeless women and proceeded to give them pads and some clothes each. The men also asked for pads for their wives which we gave them.
Our mission was completed and we look forward to many more ARK projects. Love is free. But it is the most valuable thing in existance.

Thank you Thoko and Tshepo for consistently working hard and no matter what the turn out for always having the passion of helping others. We see you.
Thank you Meme, Ezee and Mr Banda. Your continued support is much appreciated once again.
And most of all a big thank you to Matlombe family for allowing us to use thier space.
“It takes one act of random kindness a day to change the world”


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