Book Of The Week: The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire by David Deida


The Ultimate Spiritual Guide for Men

What is your true purpose in life? What do women really want? What makes a good lover? If you’re a man reading this, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself these questions—but you may not have had much luck answering them. Until now.

In The Way of the Superior Man, David Deida explores the most important issues in men’s lives—from career and family to women and intimacy to love and spirituality—to offer a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom. Join this bestselling author and internationally renowned expert on sexual spirituality for straightforward advice, empowering skills, body practices, and more to help you realize a life of fulfillment, immediately and without compromise.

“It is time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart,” writes David Deida. “It is also time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine.” The Way of the Superior Man presents the ultimate challenge—and reward—for today’s man: to discover the “unity of heart and spine” through the full expression of consciousness and love in the infinite openness of the present moment.

This man is totally turned on by the feminine. He loves to take his woman sexually, to ravish her, but nit in some old-style macho fashion. Rather, he wants to ravish her with so much love, she is vanished, they both vanish, in the fullness of loving itself. He is dedicated to incarnating love on this earth, through his work and his sexuality, and he does so as a free man, bound neither by outward convention or inner cowardice.

The first part of the book, “A Man’s Way,” lays out these precepts:

  • Stop hoping for completion in anything in life.
  • Live with an open heart even if it hurts.
  • Live as if your father were dead.
  • Know your real edge and don’t fake it.
  • Always hold to your deepest realization.
  • Never change your mind just to please a woman.
  • Your purpose must come before your relationship.
  • Lean just beyond your edge.
  • Do it for love.
  • Enjoy your friends’ criticism.
  • If you don’t know your purpose, discover it, now. Be willing to change everything in your life. Don’t use your family as an excuse. Don’t get lost in the tasks and duties. Stop hoping for your woman to get easier.

(There are similar parts for dealing with women, working with polarity ad energy, what women really want, your dark side, feminine attractiveness, body practices, and men’s and women’s yoga of intimacy.)

Sound simple, don’t they? Unless you have to put them to work in your own life. If one of the precepts make you go “Gulp!” you’ll probably want to read that section. Do some of them sound like “iron-clad” rules, or sound outrageous? As Deida lays out his explanation for each of these, you’re likely to decide that what he says does make a lot of sense.

“This newly evolving man is not a scared bully, posturing like some King Kong in charge of the universe. Nor is he a new age wimp, all spineless, smiley, and starry-eyed. He has embraced both his inner masculine and feminine, and he no longer holds onto either of them. He doesn’t need to be right all the time, nor does he always need to be always safe, cooperative and sharing, like an androgynous Mr. Nice Guy. He simply lives from his deepest core, fearlessly giving his gifts, feeling through the fleeting moment into the openness of existence, totally committed to magnifying love.”

Happy Reading 🙂


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